About Us

The Loci Partnership Ltd. was established as an architectural consultancy in London in 2000. Trading as Studio Loci and now based in Edinburgh, our mission statement has always been the same: we design and we make – bringing together the creative and management skills of architecture and interior design with the practical hands-on expertise of the maker, all under one roof. We believe this not only keeps us creative and enthusiastic about what we do but also makes us more cost effective and efficient.

With our architectural services, we focus solely on residential projects. This is what we understand best and enjoy most; a close relationship with clients who have a personal interest in the project, and the satisfaction of seeing homes transformed and improved.

The workshop is a different story. Here, we like to think that we can make anything for anyone. While our own specialism is in contemporary carpentry and cabinet making, we have built up a great network of skilled craftsmen from blacksmiths to illustrators; whatever it is, we can make it happen.

Founder and director of Studio Loci Jason Armstead trained in architecture in the 90’s. This led to a career as a consultant for award-winning charity Development Workshop France, working around the world on post-disaster reconstruction projects in earthquake and hurricane affected countries. He has stayed involved in the excellent work of DWF for more than 20 years.

Jason originally set up Studio Loci to fill the gaps between overseas missions but over time, work closer to home has taken over. He is passionate about producing quality work with meticulous attention to detail and is involved in every project that Studio Loci do.

Jason Armstead